Our Advantage: Non- immunosuppressive | Reloadable

What Sets Us Apart

The Cell-Safe™ is a fundamentally new approach to islet replacement using a highly compatible bioengineered perfusion system that continuously supplies ultrafiltrate to isolated islet cell constructs organized three dimensionally within an immunoisolation chamber. This compact device is totally implanted in the subcutaneous space and the unique design facilitates loading, reloading, and biopsy of cell products using simple percutaneous needle access. Success of the Cell-Safe has an immediate implication for human islet allotransplantation, but also would facilitate ‘unlimited’ cell sources like porcine islet xenografts or stem cell-derived islet β-cells. Taken together this, technology presents a major paradigm shift in β-cell replacement therapy.

What Is Cell Safe

The Cell-Safe™ is the world’s first Active Implantable Immunoisolation Device utilized for a variety of diseases to enhance the future of medicine. We are currently working on an application for diabetes but the principles of the device can be applied to other applications from anemia and liver failure (NASH) to ALS.

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